Vehicle and product data for the international automotive aftermarket.

Now more than ever before, independent repair shops need comprehensive information and technical details on vehicles and spare parts for maintenance and repairs. 

We collect the relevant spare parts information and make it available to participants in the international automotive aftermarket and repair sector.  In a standardised structure and always up to date!

TecDoc’s normative approach and the respective data formats to describe and to exchange vehicle and article data lead verifiably to the increase efficiency in all process chains.

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More than the identification of spare parts:
A partner for the international automotive aftermarket.

For the parts industry, the industry platform TecDoc is the first choice tahnks to the vast and qualified data basis. More efficient catalogues solutions, which live up the needs of workshops an parts traders as well as the parts industry are nowadays more important than ever. As only spare parts, which can be simply and quickly found and allocated in the catalogue system, also guarantee successful sales.  The fast and secure identification of products assist in the sustainable optimisation of work processes in repair shops and help to identify cost saving potential.

The top priority of TecDoc is to support industry, dealers, and garages in securing their competitive capabilities in the independent automotive aftermarket.

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